Fund Accounting

What’s Included

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Fund Accounting
What’s Included

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What’s Included

General Ledger

Nonprofits are more complex than most businesses. Tackle these challenges with Fund EZ’s multi-segment chart of accounts. Print simple consolidated reports and detailed columnar reports. The flexible general ledger satisfies internal and external audit requirements.

  • Construct a multi-segment chart of accounts that reflects your nonprofit’s programs, projects, funding streams, departments, etc.
  • Budget by segment, track variances and unexpended amounts.
  • Keep unlimited fiscal years online.
  • Start processing a new fiscal year before closing the old one.
  • Provide complete audit trails and audit reports across companies.
  • Forced balancing business rules safeguard data integrity across the general ledger, subsidiary ledgers, and all other modules.
  • Print financial reports by segment(s), for any period, even crossing fiscal years.
  • Provide consolidations of segments in summary or columnar format.
  • Compare actual vs. budget for any segment, group of segments, or for the total company.
  • Create filters and sequences to report multiple segments back-to-back.
  • Easily ‘drag-and-drop’ accounts into grouped rows on financial statements to create totals, subtotals, and summaries.
  • Create cost report worksheets for 990’s and internal auditing.
  • Print a full set of ASU 2016-14 financial statements.
  • Drill down to data records from reports.
  • Create Excel spreadsheet reports with just a few clicks.
  • Can output reports to formats such as pdf, xlsx, etc.
  • Email reports in multiple formats.
  • Enjoy rock-solid transaction integrity, regardless of volume.
  • Create transactions from memorized items or from posted history.
  • Process cash basis transactions (bank deposits and manual checks).
  • Print cash basis checks in groups, not just one at a time.
  • Use the general journal for adjustments, bank charges, accruals, recurring entries, etc.
  • Close your books individually by module, or for the entire system.
  • Setup multi-currency to use in transactions and reports for international organizations.

Bank Reconciliation

Businesses rely on cash to operate. Reconcile cash daily with Fund EZ. Supports unlimited cash accounts. Split cash across funds and cost centers. Fund EZ bank reconciliations are the backbone of your financial statements.

  • Ease-of-use makes for quick reconciliations.
  • Real-time data linking allows for daily, weekly, or monthly reconciliations.
  • Manage many cash accounts independently and easily.
  • Clear items one at a time or in groups.
  • Reconcile accounts that are split across funds and cost centers.
  • Print multiple reconciliation reports from one screen.
  • Print the bank reconciliation in detail or summary.
  • Track cleared debits, cleared credits, outstanding checks, deposits in transit, and other adjustments.
  • Skip months if necessary, to save time.
  • Let Fund EZ auto-clear items necessary to reconcile your bank account in just a click of a button.
  • Import bank statements to allow Fund EZ to match and clear corresponding items.


Print budget reports to gauge performance and make confident business decisions. Create individual budgets for each chart of accounts segment. Auto-create and mass update budgets for any period.

  • Produce detail or summary budget comparison reports.
  • Auto-create budgets from historical data (actual or budget).
  • Budget segments that cross fiscal years.
  • Extend budgets for more than 12 months.
  • Annualize to create a full year’s budget from just a few months of history.
  • Edit budget records manually or mass update in groups.
  • Create budget revisions while keeping the original budget intact.
  • Optionally post budget revisions to the original budget.
  • View budget spreadsheet for any date range (up to 24 months).
  • Filter budgets to isolate account segments and simplify editing.
  • New ‘in-grid’ editing makes it easy to change budget amounts.
  • On-screen column footers display revenue and expense totals.
  • Export budgets to Excel with one click.
  • Import budgets from Excel.
  • Allocate admin budgets with Indirect Allocations.
  • Optionally post indirectly allocated budgets.
  • Create multiple separate budgets within the same budget period.
  • Add budget memos to provide additional information about budgeted amounts.
  • Copy existing budgets to create new budgets.
  • View budget and actual columns on transactions to make sure expenses don’t exceed budgeted amounts.


When you first open Fund EZ, you will be welcomed with an easy-to-read graphical view of key performance indicators that are relevant to your agency’s business process or objective.

  • Display easy-to-read grids, pie charts, bar graphs, gauges, and cards.
  • Create an unlimited number of dashboards, and easily toggle between them.
  • Watch dashboard readings change as you switch periods and apply filters.
  • Different users can default to different dashboards that zero in on their business functions.
  • Create your own calculated fields by combining other fields, and then use them in a dashboard.
  • Up-to-the-second info will signal that something’s wrong or something’s right.
  • Easily export individual dashboard items to Excel, PDF, or image file.

Accounts Payable

Process A/P invoices received from vendors. Keep data entry time to a minimum by automating expense distributions. Auto-create transactions from memorized items, posted history, or encumbered amounts.

  • Manage vendors, A/P invoices, cash disbursements, voids, and adjustments.
  • Allocate A/P invoices across your nonprofit chart of accounts.
  • Print A/P balance due reports that always agree with the A/P account balances on your books.
  • Optionally use separate vendor addresses for mailing, checks, and purchase orders.
  • Link vendors to direct allocation expense distributions to facilitate data entry.
  • Create mail merge letters, labels, envelopes, and emails for vendors.
  • Vendor check grouping controls how many checks one vendor receives.
  • Schedule full and partial payments for automatic check printing.
  • Print secure MICR checks on blank check stock.
  • Payments by expense report matches A/P checks to expenses on related invoices.
  • Void checks and invoices with automatic credit memos.
  • Print automatic 1099 and 1096 IRS forms.
  • Print vendor listings, invoice and check registers, balance due reports, and cash basis expense reports.
  • Create up to 80 custom vendor fields using pull-down, yes/no, text, and date controls.
  • Fully integrate to the Fund EZ general ledger and encumbrance ledger.
  • Record invoices for payments made by credit card while maintaining vendor detail.
  • Opt to require approvals for A/P invoices before they can be paid.
  • Optionally have Fund EZ setup Positive Pay to generate files to upload to your bank in order to protect against fraudulent activity.
  • Optionally set up Bill Pay for electronic payment processing through AvidXchange.
  • Scan invoices to be optically read, automatically creating the corresponding Accounts Payable/Credit Card invoice records.

Purchase Orders / Encumbrances*

Control spending and document items bought with purchase orders. Encumber amounts for goods purchased until they are received.

  • Speedy purchase order processing.
  • Track products, payment terms, delivery dates, and unlimited ‘ship-to’ addresses.
  • Store items purchased, unit prices, default units, with G/L account settings as P/O items.
  • Assign direct allocations to items for split distributions.
  • Restrict items to one vendor, or share across all vendors.
  • Optionally auto-create encumbrances when purchase orders are printed.
  • Bypass P/O’s and create encumbrances directly.
  • Print detail and summary encumbrance ledgers.
  • Create A/P invoices from open encumbrances.
  • Quickly liquidate multiple encumbrances with ‘add from’ open encumbrances feature.
  • Strict business rules prevent improper reversal of encumbered amounts.
  • Categorize and organize purchase orders with custom reports.
  • Fully integrate to Fund EZ general ledger and accounts payable.
  • Opt to require approvals for purchase orders before they can be printed or emailed.
  • Email purchase orders to vendors in order to save on time and mailing supplies.

Accounts Receivable

Track receivables to avoid inefficiencies and lost revenue. Print reports suited to the situation (reminders, collections, audits, and analysis). Bill 3rd party funders for client groups and report by client or funder.

  • Manage clients, A/R invoices, cash receipts, and adjustments.
  • Allocate A/R invoices across your nonprofit chart of accounts.
  • Attach direct allocations to clients for automated account distributions.
  • Print A/R balance due reports that always agree with the A/R account balances on your books.
  • Manage multiple addresses for each client.
  • Create mail merge letters, labels, envelopes, and emails for clients.
  • Record cash receipts for multiple open bills on one selection screen.
  • Automatic credit memos reverse billing details upon selection.
  • Print client listings, invoice and cash receipt registers, balance due reports, and cash basis revenue reports.
  • Receipts by revenue report matches A/R cash receipts to revenue on related invoices.
  • Create up to 80 custom client fields using pull-down, yes/no, text, and date controls.*
  • Fully integrate with Fund EZ general ledger, client billing and Medicaid billing.
  • Record multiple cash receipts, including a combination of Cash Basis and A/R, in one place through Deposits.

Client Billing (sales)

A flexible design enables nonprofits to invoice clients and allocate revenue across your nonprofit chart of accounts. Accounts receivable and general ledger integration is seamless. Billings are easy to analyze and adjust. Send statements to selected clients with a simple checkbox interface.

  • Rapid client billing invoice processing.
  • Auto-create invoices from memorized items, posted history, or recurring invoices.
  • Type unlimited length memos with detailed explanations for each item billed.
  • Set manual or automatic client discounts.
  • Create invoices that contain sales tax with proper accounting for the tax liability.
  • Manage unit costs to four decimal places, and quantity sold to two decimal places.
  • Assign direct allocations to billing items for automatic revenue-splits during data entry.
  • Manually override chart of accounts assignments during data entry.
  • Auto-create A/R invoice numbers when invoices are printed.
  • Automatic billing adjustments insure proper reversals of G/L account data.
  • Mail statements to selected clients as reminders of amounts owed.
  • Email invoices to clients in order to save on time and mailing supplies.

Direct Allocations

Direct allocations automatically distribute transactions across account segments during transaction entry.

  • Allocate transactions across many funds, accounts, or cost centers with direct allocations.
  • Launch direct allocations from a button on the toolbar.
  • Allocate by fixed percentage, units of measure, or direct amounts.
  • Link direct allocations to vendors and clients to allocate by default.
  • Override direct allocation accounts on-the-fly.
  • Also use direct allocations within client billing, purchase orders, and encumbrances.
  • Create new allocations from existing allocations or transactions previously entered into Fund EZ.

Indirect Allocations*

Transfer period-end balances from one account segment to another.

  • Allocate indirect costs at period-end with indirect allocations.
  • Print post-allocation financial statements.
  • Change allocation methods and reallocate instantly.
  • Create unposted indirect allocation general journal entries that can be included on general ledger reports and financial statements.
  • Optionally post indirect allocations to the general ledger.

Batch Processing*

Enter transactions via the batch posting module and post them later. Post batches after their transactions have been thoroughly reviewed and approved. Set security to disallow editing of posted entries.

  • Transaction batches can be edited freely, as need be, until they’re posted.
  • For control purposes, batch values are maintained in a control file and cannot be reused.
  • Managers can put batches ‘on-hold’ to prevent accidental posting.
  • Auto-create transaction batches from posted entries, memorized transactions, or other unposted batches.
  • Post batches one at a time or in groups.
  • Restrict batch posting with security privileges for only authorized users.


Protect data with rock-solid security management. Control allowable functionality by user. Control access to sensitive account balances and transactions using segment level security.

  • Grant users full control, add-edit, add-only, read-only, or no-access rights by function.
  • Secure data by setting permissions by individual, or for an entire group.*
  • Set user rights globally or by module.
  • Users with read-only rights can access data, but add, edit, and delete are disallowed.
  • Users with no rights are locked out of data entry screens and their related reports.
  • Segment-level security prevents users from viewing unauthorized funds, accounts, and cost centers.*


Perform various system functions including backup/restore and import/export data.

  • Backup utility creates a compressed “.feq” file (from server) or a “.fez” file (from workstations).
  • Restore backups safely with proper warnings against overwriting data.
  • Import data directly from Excel or CSV files.
  • Import all accounting transactions, as well as, Medicaid claims, budgets and other informational records.
  • Export data to numerous formats including Excel, HTML, PDF, and many others.
  • Email export files in one easy step.
  • Add transactions from multiple different modules in one location through Add Generic Data.
  • Import a variety of transactions in an incomplete state for later editing and posting through Import Generic Data.
  • Create customized reports within every module.*
  • Run multiple reports in a queue with a single click.*
  • Automate sending reports to your auditors, coworkers, or board members by scheduling them.*
  • Automate imports by creating Import Queues and setting them to run on a recurring basis.
  • Customize printable forms like client billing statements and purchase orders through Form Designer.
  • Attach documents to records and transactions to add supplemental information.

*Requires Fund EZ Pro

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